1 Wabco is a leading global supplier of commercial vehicle technologies that serve to make the industry leaner, greener, and safer for over 150 years. From concepts to finished products and beyond, we have been developing innovative systems to make vehicles safer and easier to control. Today, WABCO continues to pioneer breakthrough innovations for advanced driver assistance, braking, stability control, suspension, transmission automation and aerodynamics for the world's commercial truck, bus, trailer, car and off-highway manufacturers.
2 Wabco driver assistance technology, driver training capabilities and advanced safety systems for trucks, buses, trailers and off-highway vehicles are driving the industry forward, providing end-to-end solutions that bring zero-accident driving closer every day. Across all industry sectors, WABCO continues to engineer solutions to lower vehicle weight, optimize energy recovery, improve fuel management and economy and, as a consequence, reduce emissions and save on fleet operational costs. From conventional combustion to hybrids and electric vehicles, from trucks and buses to trailers and off-highway vehicles, WABCO can supply solutions that get more out of what goes in.
3 Compressors generate the pressurized air used in the braking system, air suspension and other air-based applications. WABCO compressors feature highly sophisticated components like high-efficiency die-cast aluminium cylinder heads, power reduction systems and water jackets. Customers can select from a wide range of road proven options (either as a single option or as a combined package). With a wide range of models developed over many years of service, WABCO has a compressor design suitable for almost any application. The widest range of field proven compressors for commercial vehicles with IC engines
4 We thrive by offering our customers outstanding products and services that improve vehicle safety and efficiency. Thanks to our passion for innovation, global capability, commitment to excellence in execution and engineering heritage, we are uniquely equipped to deliver differentiated results. WABCO's success depends on harnessing our technologies and global resources.

Wabco Air Compressor Products

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