1 A cooling system is only as good as the compressor that drives it. That’s why Carrier manufactures some of the best compressors in the world. With unique unloading features and a reputation for proven reliability, our compressors are at the heart of some of the most advanced and efficient cooling systems on the seas
2 The compressor designed and manufactured by carrier leads the world. It has a dominant market share of 35% in the US market. 95% of the refrigeration compressors of Wal-Mart's refrigeration system are Carrier compressors, and it is also the three largest parallel unit in the United States. The manufacturer's first supplier of refrigeration compressors.
3 High-efficiency, energy-saving and reliable design, 6-cylinder design, optimized intake cut-off energy adjustment system, using new and strict valve plate, valve seat, valve plate system and low lift valve plate, high flow system.
4 Environmental protection awareness: low vibration, lower noise, lower compressor operating temperature, carrier air compressor meets sustainable development

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