1 As the world's first air-conditioning company, Daikin has first-class air-conditioning research and development capabilities. Daikin has many patented technologies in the field of compressors, and the dual-pressure chamber swing compressor is one of them. Daikin's dual pressure chamber swing compressor improves the disadvantages of the rotor compressor, improves the compressor's operating efficiency and service life, and guarantees the stable and efficient operation of the air conditioner for a long time.
2 Daikin inverter compressor effectively solves the problem of low frequency energy efficiency of inverter compressor and insufficient thermal capacity of variable volume compression mechanism. It is more efficient and energy-saving. Daikin's independent intellectual property rights, easy to produce, convenient to control, cost, low-cost inverter variable capacity air-conditioning compressor new technology, this technology is currently leading the world.
Power saving, environmental protection, relatively low voltage requirements, variable frequency variable capacitance can be started in a low voltage environment
3 The Daikin high and medium pressure chamber machine scroll compressor is a multi-line compressor that is mainly used in large-capacity outdoor units. The high-medium pressure chamber scroll compressor developed by Daikin contains a number of Daikin’s patented technologies. In addition to more stable operation, energy-saving, quietness and heating capabilities have been further improved
4 Daikin products have the best energy saving in the industry, large capacity, compact body.

Daikin Air Compressor Products

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