1 Shanghai OSG Compressor Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise. It is a company specialized in manufacturing industrial screw compressors and purification equipment established in Shanghai under the technical cooperation between the top European air-end manufacturers and the British OSG company. Production of screw compressors. The product range includes power air compressors and process gas compressors.
2 The company currently focuses on the production of oil-injected twin-screw air compressors. The production process is strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality system standard. OSG uses a new design concept to integrate each system part of the screw air compressor. , Follow the four principles of "reliability, energy saving, environmental protection and convenience" to ensure the stability and consistency of product quality.
3 OSG is committed to introducing the latest European compressor technology and design solutions to China, and integrating it into the Chinese market to provide users with the best products and the most efficient aerodynamic systems. OSG's corporate philosophy-"technology, service, and sincere return to customers" allows users to use technologies and products synchronized with Europe, allowing users to enjoy worry-free services. Allow users to get the highest production return with low use cost
4 OSG provides high standard energy saving screw air compressor, combination screw air compressor, two stage screw air compressor, permanent magnetic screw air compressor, EU belt drive screw air compressor, variable speed screw air compressor, low pressure screw air compressor, direct drive screw air compressor, E series belt screw air compressor. These air compressors are efficient and reliable.

OSG Air Compressor Products

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