• Feihe Refregeration Compressor FHLG-12W

Capacity(Nm3/min)                              12.8

Inlet temperature                                  ≤45℃

Type of cooling                                      Water cooling

Ambient temperature                           ≤40℃

Pressure dew point                              2-10℃

Inlet pressure                                        0.6-1.0Mpa

Pressure loss                                        ≤0.02Mpa

Cooling water inlet temperature         ≤32℃

Cooling water inlet pressure               0.2-0.4Mpa

Cooling water                                         Industrial circulating water

Refrigeration power(HP)                      3

Voltage(V)                                                380

Joint pipe diameter(air inlet/outlet)     G2"

Dimensions(mm)                                  Length1050    Width580    Height1100

Weight(kg)                                               280

Feihe Refregeration Compressor FHLG-12W

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